Christine Greathouse


Christine is a homeschooling mom to three wonderful kids: the creative Madeleine, the mathematical Abraham, and the little explorer Alexander. Her hope in founding Raising Greater Minds is to be able to help provide all youth the same opportunities she wants for her children. 

Dina Taggart Gibbons


Dina Gibbons is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom to two wonderful girls. She has a deep passion for education and learning and seeks to help grow the opportunities for her kids and those in the community. Her gypsy spirit leads to many adventures with her kids and lots of family travel around the world.  

Amy Calvert


Amy Calvert is an inspirational and impassioned mom to two great kids. She currently homeschools her 5-year-old daughter by day and is a medical coding ninja by night. When she's not tending to her monarch butterflies, you may find her indulging in her love of belly dancing.

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